Five top tips for meditation at home

Meditation at home can be just as effective as at a centre

I’ve always found it easier to go and meditate at a meditation group than I have to meditate at home. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because the place you’ll go to partake in a meditation group will inevitably be designed to make it as meditation-friendly as possible. In my view, one of the ways you can make sure that you’re more mindful at home and are more likely to meditate regularly is by making your home similar to the kind of places you’d go to do meditation in a group. Here are some tips for how to do that.

1) Make sure that you’ll be free from distractions during your session

At a meditation centre, there are strict rules that nobody is to come in during the session. You won’t be distracted by some bozo waltzing in and asking what the code for the internet is. Not so at home. Your spouse, your flatmate, or your kids are liable to come in at any moment. Your phone could ring. So, what should you do? The obvious answer is to wait until nobody is home and put your phone on Airplane mode. If you cannot avoid meditation at a time when other people are in the house, kindly request that they give you ten or fifteen minutes without distraction so that you’re able to meditate

2) Get meditation pillows

Meditation on a hard chair is fine. Meditating on a sofa or a bed is also fine. But these things aren’t optimal. Whenever you go to a meditation centre they’ll have these pillows, and they’ll advise you on the proper posture to meditate with the pillows. I bought a couple of these pillows online and I have to say, it does make a difference. Meditation for long periods of time with comfortable pillows specifically designed for meditation is great. It makes it so much easier and I’m much less prone to be distracted.

3) Wear the right clothes

Meditation in a suit is bit antithetical to the purpose of meditating. That’s not some kind of jab at people who work in business or need to wear a suit to work, it’s a comment on how important it is to be wearing relaxing clothes while you meditate. Nobody wants to be distracted by the feeling of tight trousers pushing into your stomach. It’s so much easier to meditate properly when you’re wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

4) Use guided videos on Youtube

There are so many great guided meditations on youtube, I don’t need to bother linking to them because a search on Youtube for ‘guided meditation’ will give you plenty to start with. Instead of just going straight into silence, begin your meditation practice by putting on a guided video, often from a real Buddhist monk with years and years of experience, just like at a Buddhist centre or secular meditation centre.

5) Get some incense

This can be a controversial one because a lot of people don’t like smells while they’re meditating. I like them because they act as something to focus on and I’m easily distracted if I’m only focusing on my own breath. For this reason, I highly recommend buying incense and trying it for only a few of your sessions, and seeing if you see an improvement.