Three great books to help our understanding of mindfulness

Books can help foster our understanding of ourselves

Mindfulness is pretty simple, right? In theory, we shouldn’t need any kind of books or aids to help us be mindful. Being mindful is just being in the moment, appreciating life as it comes and noticing the thoughts and feelings we experience. But after a few months of practicing mindfulness, often we reach a plateau during which we feel like the benefits aren’t coming as easily and doing even ten minutes a day just seems, well, pretty tough.

Something I never really thought I’d be recommending was mindfulness books. I thought mindfulness was something that you learn by going straight into the deep end, and that practice alone would allow me to perfect my mindfulness habits over the course of a few months or years. But earlier this year, I gave a few books a go to help improve my technique, and was really surprised at the variety of methods and could refine my practice in a way that suited me. So here are three books that I’ve found really, really helpful in improving my mindfulness experience.

1) Mindfulness in plain English

This, if anything can stake a claim to it, is the Mindfulness Bible. Forget all the spiritual jargon and the dubious claims that most mindfulness books make, this boils down mindfulness to its core elements and explains in incredible detail exactly how to achieve the state you want to through pursuing mindfulness techniques.

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2) Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

This book takes a more scientific approach; it walks you through the data that prove the benefits of mindfulness, and does so in a way that is easy to understand and gives you the evidence you need to relieve yourself of any doubts you do have. If you want to convince a friend of the benefits of mindfulness or still have any scepticism yourself, this is the book you want to be getting.

3) I am here now: a mindfulness journal

I am here now takes a different approach to mindfulness, giving you the chance to do mindfulness exercises in the book rather than just offering an explanation for a practical understanding of mindfulness. I am here now is a quirky book, it has mazes and colouring sections, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot out of it. These books take it back to basics and forces you to just be in the moment, which is really useful if you’re having trouble with overthinking your practice.

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These books are the ones I’ve enjoyed and found the most interesting and useful, but what about you? Which books do you especially recommend to people who are interested in mindfulness and spirituality. Leave a comment or email me a suggestion, I’m always open to hearing what other people are using to bolster their practice.