Why I switched to ethical coffee

We’re all trying to be more ethical. It can be tough. I went vegetarian a few months ago, and have written before about the best vegetarian recipe books. But here’s perhaps an unusual thing I’d like to recommend: try ethical coffee. Coffee might not be something you associate with morality, and I didn’t really either (apart from trying my best to buy Fairtrade coffee, although that was something I was not always able to achieve, and I’ve actually heard that the Fairtrade brand alone does not prove that something is completely ethical). A few months ago I heard from a friend about this ethical coffee that you can buy on Amazon. It’s great, because you can subscribe to the service so that you can get your coffee delivered with timing so that you have a constant supply of coffee that you know to be coming from an ethical source. You can then tinker with the amount of coffee you’re getting so that you get sent it exactly when you’ve finished your supply.

A year ago or so, I went to a coffee farm in Guatemala. It was an eye-opening experience. The coffee plantation I went to was an ethical one, and the work that the farmers there put in was still incredibly difficult, not something that I would want to do or honestly, would even be able to do. Some of the employees there told me about previous coffee plantations they’d worked at, and how horrendously they had been treated. That was the moment I knew that I only ought to be buying coffee from ethical suppliers.

I made the switch because I have coffee all the time, and I found a cheap service on Amazon to ship me coffee regularly. It’s a way that I can feel better about drinking so much coffee (and I’ve read that drinking coffee every day is good for you, too). I don’t want to be in a situation where a luxury that I enjoy daily is something I have to feel guilty about. It’s also much, much cheaper than doing something like buying a coffee at Starbucks every day, or even somewhere like McDonalds (the ethical coffee service on amazon tastes much better too!)

I highly recommend making the switch to ethical coffee, and you can find out all about it here.

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